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Welcome to the web page for my 2016 re-election campaign. I’m running for re-election as RTD director for District I to continue the work I’ve been doing for our district since the beginning of my first term in 2012. District I follows Highway 287, and includes most of Longmont, Lafayette and Broomfield and parts of Erie, Thornton, and unincorporated Adams County.

Why I’m running

My goals for running in 2012 – and my goals for running now – are to fight for completion of the promised FasTracks rail line in our region – the Northwest rail – as well as to bring improved bus transit to our area. These goals were worth fighting for in 2012, and continue to be worth fighting for now. We’ve made some progress, but more needs to happen.

Some FasTracks History

In 2004, District I taxpayers voted for the Northwest rail corridor (from Denver to Longmont) as part of the FasTracks initiative; we have been paying taxes for all of FasTracks, including the Northwest Rail, ever since, and will continue to pay taxes for this indefinitely. As a retired federal environmental enforcement attorney, I have always believed that when the government makes a promise, it has a legal and moral obligation to fulfill that promise. This certainly applies to RTD’s promise to the voters to build the Northwest rail.

My work on the RTD Board

Since being on the RTD board, I have worked relentlessly to keep alive and current RTD’s obligation to the Northwest rail, in spite of opposition from some RTD board members, local politicians and even newspapers. Additionally, I’ve worked “outside the box” to find creative means of financing construction of the rail, and to promote alternative operational ideas to get the line up and running sooner rather than later. For example, I personally created and submitted to the management of Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad (BNSF), a proposed public-private partnership agreement for the corridor whose goal would be to obtain federal and other funds to create a model, environmentally sound corridor.

I’ve also been advocating for improved bus transit within our District. During my tenure on the RTD board, a variety of bus transit improvements have occurred which I have actively supported and been involved with. These include the Ride Free Longmont program, increased scheduling on bus routes L, 324, and Bolt; and increased Call n’ Ride service in Longmont and Broomfield. The Flatiron flyer routes now stop at the Broomfield Park n Ride. Additional improvements such as the proposed Lafayette community pass, and BRT along the Diagonal Highway, State Hwy 7 and US 287, are also being worked on.

Where we are today with FasTracks?

An exciting development is occurring about the Northwest rail. A new proposal for an alternative operation plan for our corridor, which I have actively supported for years, is now being vetted and analyzed by the corridor municipalities and RTD. This proposed operational change would initially begin rail operation on our corridor with one-directional rush hour service, and would thus cost significantly less than the full operational plan, and could result in an earlier start date. Stay tuned as new information becomes available about this plan.


Being on the RTD board has taught me that complaining about problems is easy, but making real change takes patience, team work, commitment, and hard work. I hope voters will support me in continuing this hard work to bring the transit improvements to our District that we so deserve.

Judy is Endorsed by:

Citizens for Finishing FasTracks
Grassroots advocacy group
Deb Gardner
Boulder County Commissioner
Elise Jones
Boulder County Commissioner
Polly Christensen
Longmont City Councilwoman
Joan Peck
Longmont City Councilwoman
Christine Berg
Mayor of Lafayette
Mike Foote
Colorado State Representative HD12
Matt Jones
Colorado State Senator SD17
Jonathan Singer
Colorado State Representative HD11
RTD Board members:
Ernest Archuleta,
Barbara Deadwyler,
Tina Francone,
Gary Lasater,
Paul Solano